My dentist told me I have a cross bite that involves 3 molars on each side of my upper jaw. I also have gum recession on 2 molars (numbers 3 and 14) that is sometimes sensitive. I have visited some orthodontists and of course they want to fix the cross bite. However, other dentists I've been able to speak with tell me that fixing the cross bite may not be the best thing for the recession since pushing the posterior teeth laterally may be a bad idea. Should I get the cross bite fixed or not? I wouldn't mind getting my teeth perfect, but I don't want to if it will hurt my gums. I have no problems associated with the cross bite, such as a popping jaw or odd wear on my teeth.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 07 - July - 2011, at 19:18 PM

  • Whether to get posterior cross bite treated or not depends on the age and the amount of cross bite. Your gum recession can be due to cross bite as the pressure is being transferred to the gums which should not be there and may be after treating the cross bite, the gum problem will subside. But for this you have to consult an orthodontist and discuss with him, who is  make study model and do clinical examination and will deceide whether the cross bite should be treated or not and how much effect the cross bite is going to have on the gums. For more info on cross bite you can read this article...

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