My husband has had metal braces on his teeth for 15+ years. I know that he has NOT seen a dentist in at least the seven years that I've known him. He refuses to discuss his oral health yet I'm concerned. Please advise of issues/diseases in which he may be prone and our options. His top row is very discolored and (from my observation) his bottom row is nonexistent.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 06 - May - 2011, at 19:15 PM

  • Braces treatment in most of cases is completed in 18-24 months and in exceptional cases in 36 months. Monthly visits to dentist in braces treatment is very important. Since you say your husband has not seen the dentist in last 7 years. I am quite surprised with that. There can be many problems which can happen due this situation. First it is very difficul to keep good oral hygiene with braces as food gets impacted which leads to decay and discoloration and gum problems. Metallic braces cause wearing of teeth also. After removal of braces, retainers are recommended. So you should try to convince your husband to visit a dentist and get them removed and get the teeth cleaned and polished. It is not at all good or have braces fixed on your teeth for such long time. For more info on oral hygiene with braces you can read this article...

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