Hi, I have a rather complicated situation here. Around five weeks ago I had a root canal on a back molar (second to the back, left side - I have already had my back molar removed), two weeks after that I had a permanent crown fitted. I also had two deep fillings done at the same time (between front two teeth and upper left tooth). I have been in pain since. I initially experienced extreme sensitivity to cold and could only drink through a straw but that has now almost gone (particularly front teeth but also crowned tooth to some extent). I now keep getting random pain across the entire left side of my mouth, and the roof of my mouth, the worst pain however is in my left nostril; this pain eases when I pinch my nose. I am worried that my sinuses have been affected as my left nostril was completely numb when I had the injection in the front of my mouth and I have had pain on and off (mostly on) in my left nostril ever since - which I never have had before. I had no pain in my temporary crown, or in the temporary filling before the root canal - it has only started since the permanent crown. I don't think the bite is too high although I guess I can't be sure. Painkillers and Ibuprofen do nothing (although I haven't been taking them regularly), although when I was taking Cuprofen that worked a charm and I had no pain at all. Strangely, I noticed that whenever I brushed my teeth or took tablets the pain would completely disappear immediately for the next ten mins or so but would come back. I have since been rinsing my mouth with cold(ish) water when I have pain and that works for a little while but I am scared it is making it worse as I seem to be getting pain more frequently now. I have tried (table) salt water rinses that eases the pain whilst the water is in my mouth but makes it worse 5-10 mins later. The only thing that really stops the pain is having water in my mouth or pinching my nose and not breathing! I am reluctant to go back as I am not keen on my dentist (especially as all 3 fillings he did are causing me problems) and my partner had a tooth removed there just before my root canal and he ended up in A&E for 7 hours and was put on a drip as it wouldn't stop bleeding. I can't really change my dentist as I can only afford NHS and it took 8 months to get this one. Is the pain a result of the extensive work done, and will it stop in time? Any information you can give me will be gratefully received. Sorry my question is so long but I wanted to give you as much information as possible. Thank you for any help!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - July - 2010, at 20:05 PM

  • From your discription of the symptoms it looks like our teeth in which the deep fillings are done are infected. It can not be the root canal treated tooth as the root canal treated tooth is dead and even if infection is left in that tooth it cannot cause hot and cold sensation but pain as such. You have to get the X-ray done and find out along with the clinical examination that which tooth is causing the problem. which ever tooh is infected has to be root canl treated. For more info on dental pain you can visit the following link on our website...... www.identalhub.com/article_why-dental-pain-or-toothache-87.aspx

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