May 28 a simple, surgical extraction of lower left 1st molar; followed orders for bleeding ( pressure, gauze, ice, 1 hour); noticed odor within hours; followed directions regarding other issues (no straws, gentle swishing with saltwater after 1st day, no spitting, soft food, return to gentle brushing) June 3, Woke up at 5am, gagging from material that dragged along the lower left side of the back of my mouth, the side of the extraction; Expelled approx. 1 tsp of gelatinous red substance that felt like it came from the extraction site as I was expelling it; it seemed like way too much for that little hole, but I started bleeding profusely from the site. Think I might have just lost my blood clot? I am treating the new bleeding like the original post-op bleeding (pressure, sterile gauze, 1 hour), but I'm worried

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - June - 2012, at 00:21 AM

  • I recommend you to visit the dentist and get the area manually checked as bleeding 4 days post operation are clear cut signs of dry socket and also as you said that the clot has been dislodged. Also there can be infection inside leading to bleeding. For time being, you can bite on a sterile gauze piece to stop the bleeding...for more info on precautions to take for post op bleeding visit the link...


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