Had upper back tooth pulled almost 2 months ago there is a small hole in the sinus. May have to have surgery probably should have healed by now. I smoke, working on quitting right now, Oral surgeon wont even attempt surgery unless Ive completely quit.My questions, how likely is it to heal on its own once i quit smoking,Thats the main question its been about 2 months allready. Rather not have surgery. How necessary is surgery, what if i just leave it, complications? sinus infections etc. If I have procedure ,Layering I believe, what can i expect, recovery time, missed work etc.The surgeon said its more invasive than the extraction but they do it all the time. anyhow Thank you

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - November - 2012, at 02:50 AM


    From what you describe,you have a condition called an oral antral fistula.The roots of upper molar teeth often come into close communication with the maxillary sinus.With the extraction,a opening into the sinus can occur.If the opening is small,and that can only be detected via an exam and x-ray,it may close on its own if the area is not traumatized due to air pressure.If,however,the opening is larger the only way to correct it is with surgery.You need to change your habits a little.First of all,if you sneeze,sneeze with your mouth wide open.Under no circumstance should you blow your nose or smoke.You should also be gently rinsing the area with warm salt water.This needs to be followed closely by the surgeon. Yes, it can heal on its own, but any continued over stimulation due to sinus pressure from blowing your nose,smoking, sneezing with your mouth closed or a sinus infection will prevent the healing and necessitate a surgical closing.The antibiotics need to be continued until the doctor is completely confident the opening has closed.So see the doctor as soon as you can.I wish you well and hope it all heals on its own.If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me again.

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