dear doctor,i did scaling 6months ago.i had little tooth sensitivity with cold drinks bt after scaling it was gone.i used sensodyne for 3months as prescribed by my dentist and after that till now i m using colgate total & it was ok fr suddenly from 2 days i m having sensitivity even with normal drinking water.why is so?i m very tensed..

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 25 - September - 2012, at 00:57 AM

  • Go back for the second scaling and the cleaning. Usually when a dentist scales your teeth it's because your have periodontal disease or the beginnings of periodontal disease. Even though you think your teeth look free of all the calculus and tartar you're not trained to see what a dentist sees. Also, scaling removes the calculus beneath the gum line so you're not going to see it anyway. The regular cleaning and prophylaxis is meant to get the tarter and plaque from the visible tooth surface that you're missing with brushing and flossing and for cavity screening. This is not the dentist being greedy, it's the dentist trying to prevent further periodontal disease and subsequent tooth loss. Even though you think you're doing a good job with dental hygiene, no one is perfect which is why you need regular cleanings.For more info on benefits of scaling,visit the link

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