Hello, I hope you can help me as I went to the dentist that my hubby got me insurance through as I only work part time and don't make enough money for dental insurance. I have a car payment and my hubby is disabled. I went to the dentist the other day and was experiencing severe tooth ache which what I thought was a wisdom tooth that grew back. As I am in my mid 50's and I just figured that was what it was. But, when my dentist says, you need to go to an ortho surgeon I didn't know what to do. I had never heard of alveolopasty. All I knew was my ear hurts me my throat when I go to swallow. My dentist did tell me to go back to the root of the problem and now I figured out what he was saying to go back to the dentist that pulled out the tooth on my back bottom 2 and half years ago. I called them and they don't want to talk to me. They say it's been so long ago...pretty much it is not there problem. So, I begged you if you could help me find someone who in my area would work with me as I can't stand this pain having the pain in my ear and my throat when I go to swallow is getting unbearable. As the surgeon I have checked me out the other day but, I am not sure my insurance will pay him to do what he wants to do he wants to put me to sleep and cut it open and file it down but he is wanting $1,000.00 the day he does it and I like I said, only work part time and make $10.00 hour and my hubby is disabled and draws a small check each month I just don't have this kind of money laying around. They did however, give me medications. That is somewhat helping me right now. But If you know someone who would be willing to help me I would be forever in your debt. All I need is someone in my area willing to help me out and I could make payments to them. I would truly appreciate it. So, if you could help me I would truly be blessed. Please let me know it you could help me. You don't know what a favor you would be doing for me and my hubby. Thanks so very much, Terri Coolidge 5136425729

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - June - 2014, at 20:11 PM

  • It is difficult to comment on your conditions as your symptoms are difficulty in swollowing and that too due to tooth extraction which was done around 3 years ago. So if any bone specules were left at that time which may aveloplasty should be resorbed by now. It is better you take second opinion  before going for procedure but if you really have to get it done then you can avail CareCredit or try some free dental clinics in your area. You can try some dental school where treatment is cheaper. for more info on how to find free dental treatment you can check this link in our website.... http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-dental-treatment-costs-94.aspx

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