I have holes in every single tooth that i have left. my bottom teeth are parting from each other an i also have really bad cracks on some teeth too. ive run out of teeth to chew down food with but for the last month or so have depended on chewing down food with a small area of teeth but now that area is causing discomfort an there now is a hole. im so scared & terrified of dentistry on myself. ive had root canals in the past but those caused me the worst pain of my life i swear i would rather be giving birth then to go through that! from there i had all 4 top front teeth pulled out an have a denture in that area. i never thought this would ever happen to me but im traumatised since. even though i know that fixing the problem is the way to go, my fears & trauma cause me to feel the opposite of that! the thought or idea of having to have anything done in my mouth scares the crap out of me i automatically go into hacking it out until it passes. i have been in and out of emergency due to gum or tooth pain & have soley relied on antibiotics. i was even told i could die from having so much bad teeth, pain & abscess because of the stress & strain it can cause on my heart. u think thatll be enough to get me into the dentist to fix these up? instead i run & hide from it and wait out the antibiotics to work because im that afraid. i keep kicking myself up the behind for this but that doesnt help. im scared of loosing anymore teeth but its like im leading myself into that very fate. im scared of teeth or gum pain but yet avoiding fixture is causing me more of it. i feel trapped with a mouth full of crap teeth getting worse by the day..is there any way i can have these fixed while being put to sleep or something, an not have anymore teeth pulled out? im so afraid of that because when i had it done the last time i became the talk of the town & constantly got mocked & stared at. that caused me to go into isolation for 4YEARS! HELLLLLLP MMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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  • Ash

    Ash 20 - March - 2012, at 23:20 PM

  • Thanks so much I appriciate you taking the time to respond. I have to agree with you by the way, the problem is me! Again a huge thanks.

  • me

    me 15 - March - 2012, at 22:35 PM

  • I have had so many bad trips to the dentist, when i was a kid, the dentist didnt freeze me and when he worked on my teeth i said i could feel it, he told me to shut up i was a kid and didnt know what i was feeling! since then i have a fear of going to any dentist, 10 yrs ago i went to get one tooth fixed that was killing me, got a root canal done, but have way threw i said ok ouch i feel that,they gave me more freezing but i still felt it, so after 2 hrs i said ok just pull the damn tooth, he tried and i still felt it, so i left and next day went to a diff dentist. No pain! well now here 10 yrs later still afraid i almost have no teeth left, as a fear of goin to the dentist, they have all rotted away so badly and so painful, but i have been going to dentist to get a top denture, only 2 on the bottom had to be pulled, and i wish i would have went when my teeth were actually still teeth, woulda been easier to pull, but i survived, i let the dentist know im terrified to be in the chair so he was very nice and explained things to me! Im on my way to smiling again =) I still got 3 more appointments to go, and i still shake every time i walk in the office, try find a carring dentist who wont critisize you!

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 14 - March - 2012, at 08:52 AM

  • If you want to have good teeth and want to eat normally then you have to get the treatment done.Avoding the treatment means makig the situation worse to worst. These days dentistry is not at all scary . you can go for sedation. It can be general anaesthesia or the conscious sedation which is very convenient. You can discuss your fear of dentistry with your dentist and can find out the alternative. You are not the only one to have fear of dentistry. For more info on conscious sedation you can visit thefollowing link...http://www.identalhub.com/dental-sedation-dentistry-for-pain-free-dental-treatment-787.aspx

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