My husband had 2 teeth pulled and the dentist broke a root off in his sinuses . then he proceded to try and suck the piece out and couldn't now my husband is in severe pain. did the dentist mess up and cause further damage?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - April - 2013, at 20:00 PM

  • If the piece of root is in sinus then  it has to be extracted otherwise it will cause infection in the sinus causing sinusitis which  is quite painful. But for this you should go to an Oral Surgeon who will assess the position  of root in the sinus by taking xrays and then do the procedure. In case of upper teeth which are close to sinus this problem does occur. so schedule an appointment with an Oral Surgeon to get this removed. For more info on problems associates with problems during tooth extraction you can read this article...

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