I went to the this dental center to have my teeth clean, during the course of cleaning, the assistant of the dentist was acting very ignorantly, what happened was she used something to press my lower lip to let the dentist see my teeth, her pressure was so rough and intense I felt very much in pain and discomfort until i have to adjust my body. After the dentist had cleaned my teeth, this assistant slip a fat tube in my throat to suck the remaining residual liquid, she inserted too deep down in my throat i felt very uncomfortable, when I thought she would take it out soon, the tube was still in my throat sucking the liquid until i could not be able to breath a one point , I did not know what to do at that time, If i knew she was so ignorant , i would have taken it out by myself with my hands . Thanks God she took it up eventually but she almost killed me . I wonder why that dentist allowed her to do that, she almost snapped my breath. I don't understand why that dentist allow her to be her assistant and obviously it was this dentist's fault for not giving her the proper instruction and guildance. They did not even let me wear the eye protection goggle during the course of the my teeth cleaning, I felt very unsafe. My question are: 1)do the dental staffs allow to shove the suction tube deep down the throat? 2)Aren't they supposed to let the patient wear the eye protection goggle?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - May - 2013, at 20:30 PM

  • The dental assistants are qualified and they have to undertake course of dental assistant and they know what to do. The assistant must be assisting the dentist before also and if you felt uncomfortable then you should have told the dentist before as you were paying for the treatment and professional always want their patient to be satisfied and comfortable. Untill you tell your dentist about how uncomfortable you felt in procedure, he would not know shortcoming of his staff. As per eye gogles for protection, normally in every procedure, it is not mandatory to wear these. If you were getting the filling done and curing light is being used, normally only then the dentists make the patient wear them. So discuss with your dentist and I am sure he will be able to address it. For more info on oral hygiene you can check this article... http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-oral-hygiene-63.aspx

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