I woke up with a horrid toothache that kept me up half the night about 2 weeks ago. Called dentist, he did a little temporary fix until we scheduled RCT. I started antibiotics then had RCT done. During procedure he had to use a little extra anesthesia on the nerve once, he also discovered that I had an extra root he wasn't counting on and he said he would try to complete the RCT, but would have to send me to endo if he wasn't successful. Procedure was relatively pain free, UNTIL he put that rubbery warm stuff in to fill the root. It was an intense pinching feeling and has yet to go away, and it's getting worse. But nothing compares to the stabbing pain when there is any pressure applied to it. Specifically when chewing. I even went back to dentist a few days ago and he did notice the bite was off and took x rays and said pain was from my bite being off. Can it still be infected and not show up on an x-ray? He shortened the tooth significantly and said not to chew there, but it throbs constantly, I can't lay that side of my head down. I can't let food touch it and cannot suck at all because the pressure is painful on the gums. Feels like I'm being stabbed in the jawbone. I plan to call tomorrow morning cause I cannot sleep,due to pain. I tried ibuprofen, but it hasn't helped and I have Crohn's disease and ulcers and I really shouldn't take any NSAIDS. Any help would be great!!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 03 - July - 2013, at 20:29 PM

  • From your symptoms it looks either the infection is there or the root canal filling is overdone. Sometimes when the material which is used to fill the root canal go beyond the apex then it causes intense pain. In both the cases re-root canal has to be done. So talk to your dentist and if you are not satisfied then go to an endodontist. for more info on complications after root canal treatment you can read this article in our website... http://www.identalhub.com/article_complications-and-care-after-root-canal-therapy-106.aspx

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