I am writing to ask if you have any thoughts on my situation. I have now had a chronic left earache for q8 months. I have been seen by my internist and an ENT MD, and nothing was found to be wrong. I have now been seeing a very talented physical therapist who has been doing trigger point therapy on various muscles in the jaw- masseter, SCM, pterygoid, etc, with some success, but the chronicity remains. The earaches are sporadic, and intermittent in severity and frequency. I consulted a dentist yesterday, who did a 3D tomography of the skull, other standard X-ray imaging and a thorough jaw.moth/teeth exam. He is sending the imaging to a radiologist specialist in Tx for further review, but, initially, his findings are that this is muscular (trigger point) and dental-related. I am not sure what this all means, but he showed me a flattening of the condyle in the left jaw, and a definite cyst. He said something about degenerative jaw joint on the left side. He wants me to wear a 24 hr/day splint, and have further jaw joint therapy with my PT. and who knows yet, what else will be involved in the tx. (I don't know if this adds anything to the mystery, but 30 yrs ago, I developed a high fever and had a herpetic virus , which resulted in what I call canker sores or whatever in my mouth, throat, gums. All cleared up over a few weeks, with no medications, etc. Since then, whenever I consume too much grain, esp corn, are stressed or lacking sleep or eating wrong, I get a recurrence of one )only one_ canker sore at the base of my left throat. Through these years, it used to always clear up as soon as I took some Lysine, but now, that doesn't seem to help much. In addition, last winter of 2012, I was ensconced in a knee brace and arm brace for 3 months due to a fall, was miserable, cold, very stressed, and the braces and restrictions came off that March, and March was when this earache started in full. I have been operating under my theory that that extremely stressful time may have caused me to unconsciously grit down and grind my teeth and if that was the cause of all this, then relaxation, the passage of time and this muscular work on my neck/jaw muscles causing referred pain to the ear would clear all this up. Now, I have this strange (to me) and somewhat frightening discovery of a cyst and a flattened condyle. The dentist who I consulted with does mot think that the March, 2012 onset had anything to do with all of my pain. I actually forgot to mention to him about the herpetic outbreak. Can you shed any light on what this all might mean? Thank you so very much for reading this."

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 03 - August - 2013, at 20:51 PM

  • I donto think so that herpetic breakdown 30 years ago has anything to do with your present condition. But it is difficult to say anything without examining the case clinically and going all reports and xrays. It is better you go to some multispeciality dental clinic where all specialists are present. As your symptoms are very vague, so it is difficult to reach definate diagnosis and without deifinate diagnosis, if treatment is done, it can cause other complications. So schedule a visit with multispeciality dental office or some dental school near your home. 

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