Hello Dr my chin is asymmetry not in the middle but slightly at right side and my lower jaw does not match with upper jaw from left side .i want to know can my bite be corrected with braces.can it be corrected with out surgery?i am having eating problem because of this bite.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - March - 2013, at 20:27 PM

  • Whether your jaw relationship can be corrected without surgery or not depends on the amount of descripency. In your case it seems that it is bony and in this case it is difficult to correct the jaw relationship and occlusion without surgery. But still you can go to an orthodontist who will do the clinical exam and take models and do xrays to see whether it is possible to correct it with braces. Normally this sort of problem is corrected with Orthognathic surgery in which oral surgeon and orthodontist both are involved. For more info on orthognathic surgery you can check this in our website

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