dear Dr,by birth i had a problem of underbite class 3.i got it operated at the age of 31 october 29th 2011.but after the surgery i am having the problem of facial chin is slightly at right i want to know is it possible to have an other surgery after a major surgery.i think my first surgery was not done properly.wts the best sollution of it plz tell me i am very disturb.

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  • Tanzeela

    Tanzeela 05 - June - 2012, at 06:11 AM

  • thank u so much Dr Ritz.for making things clear for me my occlusion jaw is not i really need a surgery.but which surgery is required for this chin reduction or deviate the chin from right to the position of lips is not normal becoz of asymmetry problem .plz help me out becoz my dentist is not telling me the right and best solution.may be after ur answer i cud talk o my dentist wt to do .plz help me out by giving this answer.

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - June - 2012, at 04:20 AM

  • I would recommend you to visit the surgeon who initially treated you as this was a major surgery and requires continuous follow up...So, visiting another dentist for a fresh treatment will be more harmful...You dentist will shoot an OPG and after that only it can be decided that do you require another surgery or if the oclussion after surgery is perfect but the chin is deviated than no need for surgery but if the oclussion is still not correct and chin is deviated than most probably you require a treatment...For more info visit the link....

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