Hello, I have a question foy you. I have a dental abcess on my up-left first molar, and my dentist give me 7 days of antibiotics (Augmentin 825/125 mg). The abcess start to heal but I cannot get to the dentist till 7 september because I am in another country. My question is: I will be safe till then after this days on atibiotics or the abcess will come back sooner? Thanks

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 26 - August - 2016, at 22:05 PM

  • You have taken antibiotics for 7 days and accrding to you the abcess is healed . I don't think that you should have any problem till 7th september but maintain good oral hygiene. keep doing warm saline rinses and do not eat anything from that side. Keep that area very clean . Normally the infection is there when there is food impaction. For mre info on dental abcess you can visit the following link on our website  


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