My daughter has a lot of spaces in between her teeth and our current dentist said that veneers would be a good option to help close up some of the space and the gap on the top front 2 teeth. I wanted to know if she does get the veneers and she is still not happy with the space can she get braces. The dentist now is only going to be putting 4 to 6 veneers on and only on the top front teeth. I heard that they can put the braces on in back of her teeth, would that work. Also would invisaline work instead of putting on braces. I would appreciate any insight you can give to help us make the right decision.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - January - 2013, at 08:33 AM


    If the braces can close the spaces or not, depends upon the amount of spaces present and for that you have to visit the orthodontist. If the spaces can be closed by the braces then it is the best option otherwise you have to go for the veneers. After getting the veneers once you can not go for the braces treatment. So it is better you discuss with your orthodontist and then only go for the veneers. For more info on veneers you can visit the following link….

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