I had a tooth extracted nearly 2 weeks ago and I've noticed that my gums around the site of extraction and I have thrown up a little over the last week and a half and in the last couple of days have had cold like symptoms show up. Is the gum swelling and all these symptoms related? Should my gums be so swollen and painful this far past an extraction.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 21 - November - 2016, at 22:26 PM

  • You have not mentioned about the tooth number. If it is upper and at the back then sometimes the cold like symptoms after the extraction can be because of the perforated sinus. if during extraction the roots are long or if surgical extraction has to be done then sinus perforation occurs but it can be because of the dry socket also. In case of dry socket pain and swelling is there but cold like symptoms are not there. You should visit your dentist and discuss with your dentist as without clinical examination it is difficult to give the correct diagnosis. for more info on sinus perforation you can visit the following link on our website....



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