Hello, recently I have been freaking out about my teeth. I know I wasn't the best caretaker of my teeth and I don't take in enough calcium or vitamins. When I was little I brushed my teeth all the time. As I aged I thought it was useless and time consuming. What a wrong idea!! I stopped brushing my teeth when I turned 7 or 8. I didnt have anyone to encourage my hygiene routine. I ate sweets almost everyday and I didn't drink water very much. I stayed with my grandparents who fed me mostly sweets and fuzy drinks because my mother was the only one working and my father didn't take part of my life. I have been consuming sweets and fuzy drinks up until now. I would have at least 9-15 bottles of pop a day and sweets were just always available. I am very regretful about it now. I am 17 years old and losing my teeths?!! My gums are slighy pinkish red too. Is that normal? Anyways, recently I have started to brush my teeth. Its been 1 month. I noticed small black lines (I guess tartar or plaque?) surrounding all the teeths in my mouth. Also one of my tooth (the second to the last one on the bottom) have chipped a whole which reacts to drinking cold water and it gets food stuck on it. The one above the chipped tooth (also the second from the last) is wiggling. Not all my tooth has been pulled out before but this one has and it irritates my gums so much. I think it's going to break off. Should I pull both of them out? Or leave it? Will it affect me if I do pull it out. I wished I could go to a dentist but I can't. Help!! My mother's so busy with work that I barely get to see her. So she doesn't know I have bad teeth. What can I do? I can't see a dentist because of financial reasons and no dental insurance from my mother's work place. She's the only one working, so is there a way to solve my problem? Is it gum disease? Or worse? I know I probably have Gingivitis. (My intake) I consume eggs and pork and chicken. But vegetables and fruits are hard to come by with my mother's income. Its usually prepared fried or boiled. I don't know what to do anymore.... I really regret neglecting my teeth. Now I'm 17 and I have teeth problems. Please any advice would be good. And I know I need to go to the dentist but I can't.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - July - 2013, at 20:50 PM

  • As you have written that your gums are pink and red that surely means that you have a gum disease. For that you have to get scaling done as you have plaque deposits also. for tooth with hole, you have to get it filled and for both these you have to go to dentist or you can check with some dental school near your home where treatment is some time free or very cheap or you can browse for free dental clinics in your town. Till then you can maintain good oral hygiene by brushing twice and doing warm saline rinses 2-3 times a day. for more info gum problems you can check this link in our website... http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-gum-diseases-9.aspx

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