Question I have a small gap on my front teeth.Should I get braces?And also,i have been experiencing problems with my jaw.4 years ago, it started producing a popping sound whenever i opened my mouth and it is sometimes painful and very tiring.One time, the right part got swollen.I also noticed that it's misaligned now.Does getting braces help this?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 06 - January - 2014, at 20:10 PM

  • For closing the front gap, the best treatment is to go for braces. But before that you have to discuss the jaw problem with your dentist who will study your TMJ joint and occlusion and do the treatment accordingly. Somtimes with braces, when occlusion is adjusted the jaw problem can be corrected. However it is difficult to comment on this without clinical examination, pano xray etc. So schdule an appointment with a Orthodontist for treatment plan. for more info on TMJ problem you can check this link in our website....

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