Could you please tell me whether it is possible for the dentist to scratch my front teeth while he was removing the tartar from under the gums with that manual metallic instrument? As I left the dental clinic I noticed long scratches on my front teeth (some of them rather deep-like cracks) I have not seen before. When I asked him about it he answered it is not possible to scratch the enamel this way and that I was exaggerating and the scratches were hardly visible. I do not think they have always been there and I did not see them before since i did not even have plague on my front teeth to conceal them. Also, is it possible to polish this scratches away since i read this is the usual practice with such scratches? How does this procedure work on scratches?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - November - 2013, at 09:47 AM

  • It is not possible to scratch the teeth while doing the routine scaling if it is done properly with ultrasonic scaler. As per scratches, they may be there before and may not visible because of tartar deposition. Scaling is followed by polishing which is done by  using polishing paste and this polishing pastes smoothens the surface of tooth. So  your dentist is right in saying that scaling cannot cause scratches on the enamel surface which is considered as hardest surface of the body. for more info on scaling you can check this link  in our website....

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