hi i had a tooth removed when i was younger as there was another trying to grow through but couldnt. it has been 7 years now and the tooth hasn't erupted at all, i have had xrays and its still there doing nothing. I have been told i would need braces but i'm hoping i can just have that tooth surgically removed and then get vaneers or something similar (implants maybe?) Is this possible? Thanks

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 07 - December - 2012, at 02:26 AM

  • When one or more teeth fails to grow in the correct position and is therefore held below the normal gum line, it is called an impaction.Whether all impactions should be treated is still controversial and your dentist and oral and maxillofacial team can explain the advantages and disadvantages or treatment for you, which is usually surgical.If impacted teeth are not treated, some can lead to medium and long-term problems such as decay, infection, gum disease and dental cysts but these can all be watched out for by dentists.If you want,the impacted tooth can be removed and discarded.This can be the treatment of choice if the buried tooth is in a poor position for orthodontic re-alignment, or shows signs of causing problems to adjacent teeth.Removal of the tooth involves a minor operation, which can be done under local or mostly under general anaesthetic. If there is a gap to fill where the tooth should be, it might be necessary to use a false tooth of some kind (denture or 'bridge').

    For more info,visit the link http://www.identalhub.com/dental-what-is-surgical-tooth-extraction-procedure-889.aspx

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