I have full natural teeth no missed ones and i dont want to cover any or using veneers, but i hate to smile n hate my smile due to its shape and color although i do a good oral hygiene! Basicly my problem with the shape cuz color can be handled easily i guess. I have a very big teeth and a small face with pointed chin. Is it possible to make it smaller or what, i dont have any health issues so im looking forward to hear my treatment plan or any suggestions from you. Thank you alot

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 06 - April - 2017, at 22:11 PM

  • without seeing the case clinically it is difficult to give the treatment plan but many options are available which gives the illusion of smaller teeth . For this you have to visit a cosmetic dentist who will do the smile makeover with slight alterations. May be selective grinding of the teeth can be done to make your smile beautiful. Colour of the teeth can be easily changed by doing the bleaching .So it is better you visit a cosmetic dentist for this and discuss your concerns. for more info on cosmetic dentistry you can visit the following link on our website.....



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