My dentist after scanning my tooth via X-rays said the previous dentist who removed the nerve from my 6-th tooth left a small piece of his instrument in a root canal and filled it with the substance which has formaldehyde in its composition. As a result, my current dentist after 2 unsuccessful efforts to penetrate the root, claimed it's impossible to remove the remnant of the instrument by any means. The thing is I have a small enlarged painless lymph node under that tooth. So now that she says it's impossible to penetrate the root to cure the lymph, are there any other alternative ways of doing this? Is it really impossible or id just the incompetency of my dentist? Thank you.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 01 - March - 2012, at 08:52 AM

  • If it is difficult to retrieve the broken instrument from the root canal then you can go for surgical procedure called apicocetomy in which flap is raised and the access is taken from the root apex. Without seeing the case, it is difficult to comment whether the instrument can be removed by apicocetomy. You can discuss this option with your dentist and it is better if you go to an Endodontist who are trained for these kind of procedures. If it is not possible even with apicocetomy them you have to get the tooth pulled out and then there is no other alternative and can after tooth pullout, go for dental implant. For more info on apicocetomy you can read this article...

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