I had a three unit bridge work done on my front teeth. The doctor said I don't need RCT on my canaine tooth. After 1.6 years later a portion of Proclin from metal cheaped out of it in the process of its removal and now I have to replace it with a new bridge. Today, my dentist is trying to place the new bridge on front teeth but I don't know why he can't adjust the bite. He says the bite is good. But, While chewing foods or grinding a bit with the new bridge, I feel sudden pain on the canain tooth, this problem wasn't present with my previous bridge. Previous bridge was a bit bulky than this new bridge. But this new bridge is thiner and lighter than previous. I think this new bridge and the trimed canaine tooth has close contact to the crown metal inside. So, If I grind or chew with it, the trimed canaine tooth suddenly hurts. Due to this problem I'm not allowing the dentist to permanently cement it. The doctor says I need RCT, I don't know wheather to do RCT Or not. Because I didn't have this kind of problem with previous bridge and I think this new bridge is causing pain on the tooth. I have to decide now but I'm depressed. What would you advise me ? It would be kind of you to help me. Further details to my question As I said before I didn't have pain on canaine tooth with previous bridge, what made the proclein cheape is mild pain on gum of the canain tooth which wouldn't go away permanently. After that, I went to the dentist, the dentist checked my bridge and tooth but he couldn't find out the actual cause behind such dull pain on the gum. So, I told him it remove the bridge and examine better. In the process of removal, the procelin cheaped a bit. It didn't cheaped because I had the habit of grinding and clenching. (Actually I don't have such habit either) After removing it, He then examined and said the tooth and gum are healthy. Although the actual cause of mild pain was on the gum of the canain tooth, the tooth didn't heart me at all. So, he said the gum is irrited because of the crown inside the gumline. After three days the mild pain on the gum began to vanish and went to the dentist again. I told the dentist to repair my cheaped bridge and recement it. He says he will ask the the technician to repair it if it's possible in the lab. After two days (yesterday ) I visited to the dentist again, he said the bridge can't be repaired so a new bridge has been made for me. I didn't even ask him about the cost because I was shocked. Yesterday he tried to correct my bite with this new bridge. But now, sometimes , I feel sudden/sharp pain on the canain tooth when the crown of my canain tooth chew foods or grind other teeth of my mouth. (I don't typically grind teeth without food but when I do so, sometime it occurrs) I haven't had the dentist to cement it permanently because of this problem. He says even with this new bridge I don't need RCT because the tooth looks good and doesn't hurt on its own. He says bite is also good. He told me to go home and try chewing foods. I have tried it. Now, sometimes I'm sill feeling such sharp pain on the canain tooth while chewing foods or chewing without food. But it happens sometimes when grinding occurs on the crown of canain tooth. I don't know what to do. Wheathe to ask the dentist to remake the crown or do RCT. I don't know what to do. I'm now at home and feeling depressed. The doctor says instead of making new crown, I need to do RCT. Tody ,I will have to visit the dentist again. I don't know what to tell him. I'm depressed. Could you advice me soon ?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 29 - December - 2016, at 06:43 AM

  • it is very unfortunate that you have to go through all this. It looks like that you have some problem in the canine tooth before also that is why you have a dull pain and got the bridge removed.In my opinion it is better you go for the RCT of the canine tooth before going for the bridging. If the dentist makes a new bridge and for the time being the symptoms are not there even then after some time the problem can again resurface. If the canine is going to be crowned it hardly makes any difference if you go for the RCT in that tooth. So discuss with your dentist and get the RCT done of the canine tooth then you will not have any problem with that tooth. Normally it is seen that if the supporting teeth are not RCT treated then sooner or later the problem is there and they have to go for the root canal treatment.This is my opinion in your case.The final decision is yours. For more info on Root Canal Treatment you can visit the following link on our website...


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