I have TMJ and the grinding in my sleep has caused the roots of one of my teeth to begin curving. Because of this, I have been experiencing intense pain and nerve irritation, according to the dentist. So, I went to get fitted for a mouth guard but because I wasn't getting proper sleep, I used a sports mouth guard in the mean time which made the pain disappear. I wore this for 11 days until I received the mouth guard fitted for my bottom teeth. I began wearing this guard for 5 days and now my tooth pain is back. I switched back to the sports mouth guard on Sunday but my pain level is very high. I don't understand what to do because I know I cannot be grinding in my sleep as the sports guard is too thick and rubbery to allow that. I even attempted it while i was awake just to see if it was possible. I have tried ibuprofen for the pain but it does little. Please help?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 03 - May - 2012, at 00:04 AM


    Its good that you are wearing a mouth guard continuously but the main thing you need to do is to find the root cause of your teeth grinding habit. Many a times stress has been linked to this habit. If it is in your case than you should engage yourself in some stress breaking activities like medidation. Else you can visit a professional stress counsellor. Stress management is usually performed through total body relaxation achieved with meditation and exercise. You can also try a warm bath and a cup of milk or chocolate before bed, it is really helpful.

    For more info on tooth grinding, its causes and cure you must go throught the link...http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-teeth-grinding-bruxism-5.aspx

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