This question is regarding my 1 year old son. He had iron deficiency anemia from 9-14 months old - he was taking a chewable iron tablet for 3 months. He is now 17 months old and has developed iron stains on his teeth, which I read is common. We brought him to his dentist and they polished off all the stains and put a flouride varnish to coat his teeth. My question is, do the stains keep coming back? We visited the dentist just last Wednesday and today I can see tiny new stains forming on his teeth. I really don't understand the staining in general, especially since he hasn't taken the iron supplement since he was 14 months old and the stains didn't show up til after that, that I had noticed anyway. So is it iron stains? And why is it coming back if he's no longer on an iron supplement? Thanks so much for your help! - Brittany

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 18 - September - 2012, at 04:14 AM

  • Hi Brittany,

    Teeth staining with iron supplements is quite common and thus it is preferred to take iron supplements along with food. This reduces the chances of teeth staining. Here are the tips to prevent tooth staining: 

    You should mix the prescribed doze in 2 to 3oz of water or juices ( not in milk as it may interfere with iron absorption). In order to minimize the contact between teeth and juices allow the mixture to be drunk using straw. And if you are giving your child tablets then encourge him/her to inhale immediately without keepin in mouth for long time.

    Tips to prevent staining due to iron supplementation:

    Encourage brushing twice daily, after breakfast and before bed. It minimises the accumulation of stains due to iron supplements. If the stains are more than have your child brush with baking soda for a week instead to tooth paste. This will greatly help in removal of the stains. For more info you can visit the link....

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