A REALLY Weird thing happened last dentist visit I had. It has been bugging me ever since and I havn't gone back. I went in thinking I might have a cavity or two, turned out it was just my teeth being sensitive again. But as he checked me out, each time he touched my gum line with the instument my gum actually popped open, receeded before his eyes. He didn't say anything, he jumped back like he was in shock and I felt it happen! It happened three times in different areas of my mouth. Each time I could see he was freaked out. After the third time, he ripped off his mask pushed himsefl away and left not saying a word. He never came back. A good ten mins later, I flagged down an assistent and asked if he was coming back. She came back and said No. I asked if I had any cavities or what? She went to ask him and came back, she said no cavities but I have receeding gums on the inside and need to have them built up for 795. I don't get how I go in with no problems and go out with receeding gums and need to spend 795. to fix it. Have you ever heard of this happening before? Please advise Camille

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 10 - March - 2013, at 04:27 AM

  • It is not that you can not have receeding goms if you do not have the cavities. In case of receeding gums you have the sensitivity . In your case with out seeing the case clinically it is difficult to comment. Your description of the clinical examination is also very vague. If you are not satified with your dentist then you can take second opionion. If you really have receding gums then you have to undergo SCRP which costs around $800 for full mouth which seems to be inline with what your dentist has quoted. For more info on receding gums you can check this article... http://www.identalhub.com/dental-treatment-and-causes-of-gum-recession-887.aspx

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