I had a root canal done on a front tooth which was dead. The same tooth is very yellow as a result of it being dead. I am schedule to have it bleached Monday. One week later, I will have a porcelain Vermeer to covering the tooth. Do I need the bleaching if the tooth is doing to be covered a week later

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - September - 2017, at 22:46 PM

  • If the tooth is Root carnal treated and it is yellow in colour then before you go for porcelain veneer you sh0uld go for bleaching. Porcelain veneer is not very opaque and if the tooth on which porcelain veneer is being given is discolored then you need to get the tooth bleached. If the porcelain veneer is given without bleaching the discolored tooth then the yellow colour of the tooth will be seen through the veneer and it will not give very esthetic results. In my advice you should go for bleaching before getting the porcelain veneer. For more information on veneer you can visit the following link on our website. ...


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