will explain in detail my problem and i hope some dentists or specialists will help me.I thank you in advance for your time. About 3 weeks ago i had a filling done at one of my back teeth.The dentist said it was pretty deep.She filled it with ritine ( i don't know if i named it correctly).She has made several other fillings to me with no probelms.But this time i have problems. first of all the filling left.I didn't realize it until i had major pains when chewing,especially stiff food.the pain was really heavy not only when chewing but also at other times and it lasted a bit.2 days after that i went again at the dentist and she confirmed that the filling had left its place.She told me that although it is a deep one at one point it is shallow and that's why it left.She reffilled it with flow ritine this time and told me we should try if it works.The pain went off a little bit. Well actually not only a bit,it went off at a pretty big scale.It kept cooling off and i had pain only when i chewed. I felt better,but i also kinda felt like i had "traumatized" my tooth the couple of days it was left open (without the filling that left) especially when i ate stiff food.That feeling of the traumatized tooth became a feeling of a tooth that now heals. Now,i can't say that i have much of a pain.The pain is only and only when i chew and only some foods and it lasts a couple of seconds and then dissapears.It is a quick and concentrated pain (in contrasts with the old pain that was expaned and lasted some minutes). I feel pain when i eat the outside of the bread but not the inside, the soft one. So i went again to the dentist because i still feel pain and she told me tbat it may be due to varius reasons. She gave me the TePe small brushes to use,because there maybe food left between the teeth. When she used it there i had some blood coming off. anyway, she also told me it may be caused by the material she used for the filling and that we can try to make it a silver-black filling instead of a white.And the worst scenario seems to be a to tear off the nerve (i dont know the term). From what i've described until now cam anyone help me understand what my problem is and possible solutions??Should i visit an enthodontist? Should i worry? Will it calm down coletely in some time and tbe sensitivity is due to the "difficult time" when tbe filling was off? finally i have no hot cold sensitivity. I used to have before the filling. Thank you again

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 18 - June - 2012, at 00:49 AM

  • The first thing i would recommend you to visit an endodontist or the same dentist from where you are getting your treatment done. My idea behind advising you a radiograph is to see wether the nerve is involved or not. There can be many reasons behind pain. If you are not having any hot or cold sensation, then the most possible chances are high filling. Also initially, you will experience a  pain as the filling is not adapted to the oral environment. For time being you can try certain home remedies for decreasing the dental pain. Here is a link....http://www.identalhub.com/dental-types-of-tooth-pain-after-dental-filling-814.aspx

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