my husband is35 and has been dealing with real bad teeth his whole life, his mom also has bad teeth. he didnt have 1 whole tooth in his mouth they were all in peices and hav always caused him pain but we have no insurance so he could never go in. he has even had to go to hospital because of stomach pain that they said were cause from an infection in his body, that we think was cause from his teeth. we had a free dental clinc in town so he went and had all 18of what was left of his teeth pulled and thay only gave him ibuprofen and didnt give him any info on next step or how to get dentures or what to do. he is in alot of pain and recently gotten sick to his stomach and cant really eat without throwing up. could this be caused by what he has went threw ?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 10 - March - 2013, at 04:33 AM

  • If the teeth were really infected and 18 of them have been pulled out then your husband has to take antibiotics with pain killers. Only pain killer tabs will not be effective. Along with the meds, he should do warm saline rinses and maintain good oral hygiene. The stomach infection can be due tooth infection but for that you have to get him examined. After extraction when the sockets heal, which may take from 6 weeks to 3 months, then you have to go for dentures. For more info on pain after tooth extraction, you can check this article ....

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