i was flossing and ive had this cavity filling that i think was put in the tooth too far and i can always feel it when i floss between the teach, i think that extra amount broke off but im not sure what it took with it and when will i know i need to to take care of it, dont have insurance and dont really wanna spend a bunch of money if its not a big deal

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 28 - December - 2012, at 02:58 AM

  • Your fillings are supposed to contact each other or the teeth next to them. This keeps the teeth from moving around, and can actually prevent food from getting stuck in between and plaque building up.Flossing, however, should not pull the fillings out. Dental restorations are built with a lot of little "features" that provide both chemical and mechanical retention. Properly placed fillings can last for many years even under the forces of chewing, brushing and flossing.In short, flossing shouldn't be a problem, and would even help clean the area of normal tooth left between the filling and the gum, increasing the life of the filling. If you notice that the floss gets really shredded when you pass it through those areas then you may want to ask your dentist, but you most likely don't have to worry.

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