Well I have 2 dry sockets, and I have had them for about a week now, and I smoked cigarettes everyday since then its been a week, so for 7 days ive been smoking since the extraction of the wisdom teeth and now iam in a lot of pain that I can bearly deal with the pain and I have been to the denist to tell them about the pain and they just put dry socket brown liquid stuff on it to take away the pain, but now iam in a lot of pain and I cant even open my mouth but a quarter of a inch to eat and it hurts, but my question is when somkeing with a dry socket could that kill me, or what is bad about that and will the dry socket still heal normal the way it should, thank you and please write back soon.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - May - 2014, at 09:35 AM

  • The pain is due to dry socket and if you keep on smoking then the dry socket will not heal and it will keep on paining. Dry socket is basically due to dislodged blood clot formed on extraction socket and underlying bone is exposed. For this you have to regularly go to dentist for dry socket dressings. But if you keep on smoking then it will not stay and the wound will not heal. for more info on dry socket you can check this link in our website... http://www.identalhub.com/dental-dry-socket-treatment-937.aspx

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