Hi, I've got an abscess in my mouth. I'm fairly certain that it's a gum abscess and not a tooth abscess. But I've got a problem: It's not hurting. But the situation is weird. See, I had a horrible pain in my mouth before the abscess appeared. Then when the abscess appeared in the same spot as the pain, the pain stopped. The abscess is red and flat-ish. It's obviously not completely flat, but you can only feel the bump when you touch it. Looking at it, you don't see anything. I can still feel it throbbing, and I guess you could kinda say it hurts, but it's nothing I can't deal with. It's really easy to tolerate. It's not draining, either. I've had some abscesses in the same spot before, but they were MUCH worse visibly than this one. I changed to a new toothpaste before it started hurting, could that be a reason? I'm really worried that the nerves in my tooth might be dying and I might need a root canal or get it removed. I swear I'm forgetting to put something in so you might be hearing from me again with extra details, haha. Thanks, Dan

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 01 - September - 2013, at 20:19 PM

  • From your symptoms it looks like it is tooth abcess not gum abscess as it started with a pain but afterwards the pain subsided. You were having abscess in the same position also so donot ignore it. Go to a dentist and get the diagnosis made and start with treatment. You will be needing root canal treatment and above that you have to have a crown if it is a tooth abscess. for more info on abscess you can check this article in our website.... http://www.identalhub.com/article_understanding-abscessed-tooth-204.aspx

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