Hello, my fourteen year old brother recently had an incident with his left second upper tooth. He is suffering with a dental abscess that's spread to his cheek. The dentist drained some of the pus and he's on antibiotics right now. His pain seems to start decreasing now but the swelling is decreasing at a slow rate. Is there anything we can do to speed the process? Is the antibiotics working in this case? We also occasionally let him rinse with salt water to help get rid of the pus faster which I don't is working or not?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - August - 2016, at 00:25 AM

  • You have not mentioned what is the cause of the abcess. whether it is decayed tooth or some kind of trauma. If it is because of the decayed tooth then along with the antibiotics treatment has to be done. May be he has to undergo the Root Canal Treatment depending upon the extent of the decay.but if the cause is trauma then antibiotics along with certain precautions like not eating from that side will help. Warm saline rinses certainly helps. For more information on the treatment of the decayed teeth  you can visit the following link  


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