I am having a problem with my upper left back molar. I had two fillings in the same tooth. Around 6 months ago or so one filling fell out so it was like my tooth was cracked in half.....I had very little pain for 4 months. Then I started to feel small pain but only when food was trapped in there or only when I was trying to get food out that was trapped in there.....The pain was starting to feel like a nerve pain...I new this was not going to get better so I made an appointment at the dentist... My appointment wasn't for about a week....The next day I woke up with 2 bumps on my cheek right on top of my cheekbone just below my eye...One was fairly large....I thought a bug like a spider had bit me.......I should also mention that at around the 4 month mark after the filling fell out my cheek had started to cave in on that side just under the cheek bone.....As time passed it got worse and you could clearly see an indentation. I have been perfectly symmetrical all my life....I went to the dentist a week later....The swelling and bumps were very very small now.....The indentation was still very visible....He checked me out and took xrays.....He said I either need to get a root canal and a crown or I need to get the tooth pulled...Money is an issue for me so he told me he could temporary clean it up and put some cement on it for now...I told him to do that so I could have time to figure out what to do....He said this should give me approximately 3 months to figure out what to do and possibly up to 6 months....He also said he did not think the bumps on my face were from the tooth and he wasn't sure about the indentation under my cheekbone......Currently a week later....I think I am getting swelling on that side of my face....Just minor...In a few new areas.....I should also mention that during the last 3 months or so before going to see the dentist I started chewing mainly on my right side to avoid that tooth....So I am curious if you think the swelling would be because of the tooth? Also would the indentation be because of the tooth??? And if yes then why? Would it be because bone structure has changed? Or maybe because the cheek muscles are really week because I mainly chew on the other side now? Also if you think it is because of not chewing on that side, would me starting to chew on that side again at least fill in that indentation? It does not look attractive and it bothers me.....Thank you for any and all info...So much appreciated I am really struggling with this.... Dave

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - May - 2014, at 09:37 AM

  • If you have swelling and pain on the left side in relation to molar then either you have to get the root canal treatment done or you have to get the tooth pulled out. If money is the problem then you can try out some dental school near your home where the treatment is cheaper or sometimes free. Whatever the symptoms you have described, it is advisable not to delay the treatment further as the tooth is already infected and due to this you have swelling in that area. About indentation it is difficult to comment without seeing the case clinically. for more info on root canal treatment you read this article.....  http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-root-canal-therapy-17.aspx

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