27 year old male. still have my wisdom teeth but they have not come in. had my left upper far back (last tooth in the ark) molar removed around 6 months ago. it healed quickly and the cavity has been covered with gum until about a 2 week ago when bone started poking through the gum. started with just a small piece and now half the ridge-line of the cavity's bone is exposed. to me it seems that the gum is receding rather quickly and ever week it seems to get worse with more bone exposed. at first i was optimistic and thought that maybe my wisdom tooth was coming in to take the place of the extracted tooth but that optimism is quickly fading as it seems its bone thats being exposed and not a tooth coming in. slight discomfit and pain, mainly gum soreness. I know its normal for sharp bone fragments to poke through the gums after an extraction but its been over 6 months and I thought it was fully healed. I have Insurance through my university but I can only use it on campus and the dentist on campus is booked solid for the next 3 months. is this a normal self fixing issue after a tooth extraction and will my gums eventually stop receding and re-cover up the bone or is this something I should make an immediate appointment for even if its out side of my insurance coverage?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 26 - November - 2014, at 20:43 PM

  • It is very unlikely that after 6 months of tooth extraction, the bone started poking out. If sharp bone is there or any bony fragment is left after tooth extraction then healing does not take place properly after tooth extraction. So it is difficult to comment on your case without clincal examination and xrays. So it is better for your to schedule an appointment with your dentist. for more info complications after tooth extraction you can checkt the following link in our website.... http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-tooth-extraction-27.aspx

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