So the last couple days, I've been noticing a small sharp pain when I'm brushing my bottom front teeth. I've narrowed it down to the bottom-right lateral incisor. It only happens when I brush though. I turned the vibration off and it still sent the pain, but not as powerful. Pain wise, it doesn't hurt bad, it just kind of shocks me and I have to be careful around it. As for the pain, the pain is right under the first and second right bicuspid. I can almost feel it trace from tooth to jaw.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - March - 2014, at 09:10 AM

  • The pain  in the lower anterior teeth is either due to wearing of the tooth or if the gums have receded and roots are exposed. For this you have to schedule an appointment with your dentist and find out the cause. if it is due to receding gums or due to wearing of tooth then dentist will do the treatment depending on cause. Till then you can use some desensitizing tooth paste and maintain good  oral hygiene. for more info on dental pain you can check this link in our website...

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