Five weeks ago, I had teeth 13 and 14 extracted and an allograft placed immediately following. Since that time, my life has been a time of severe facial pain with walking and vibrating the area, being extremely painful. There have also been what I refer to as “bones”, but do not know what they actually are, that are growing from the extraction area. One such “bone” is growing perpendicular above the root of tooth 15 and keeping my gum irritated with a constant ulcer, both on my cheek and gum, being a result of this. Another such “bone” is sticking out of the pallet close to the extraction site, and yet another is coming straight down out of the extraction. Besides the horrific pain and the growing of “bones” like some alien creature, I do not feel well and haven’t since these teeth problems started in November 2013. In November, I stared experiencing pain in my upper right jaw. Thinking that it was a particularly bad episode of my Trigeminal Neuralgia, I attempted to ignore it. There was no ignoring the symptoms I was experiencing, as I was feeling flu-like, developed sinus and ear infections, in pain and basically feeling terrible. After trying 4 kinds of antibiotics to stop the infections and what the Oral Surgeon had diagnosed as a root-canal tooth which had cracked along with the root of the next tooth that had been slowly disintegrating to the point that it would not be viable longer than a few months, I was forced to have the two teeth extracted and per the oral surgeon’s recommendation, I had the allograft done while I was still sedated, as there was not enough bone for a future implant in the area. For approximately 4 days, even though I was dealing with normal extraction problems, I felt wonderful! It was like a dream come true! I had no more face pain and the deep, cheek pain that had been my constant companion for the last few months. Unfortunately, this respite from pain did not continue longer than those 4 days. This pain was different from that of before the extraction, as the jarring when I walked or made other similar movements, made it such that I had to hold my cheek in order to do so with any semblance of normalcy. This is when the “bones” mentioned above, started to appear. From that time until now, 5 weeks after extraction and allograft, I am still experiencing the “bone” growth, some of which have broken off with brushing, eating, or similar activities, pain with jarring movements, periodic bleeding from the area around the “bone” pointing downward with what looks like a pus pocket or something similar next to this “bone”, and what seems to be no real improvement other than extraction holes closing up. I am at my wit’s end with this pain, “bones”, ulcers, and inability to feel normal and do my regular activities. The pain and movement pain issues have kept me from living a normal life and from going anywhere because the pain becomes so unbearable. Can you give me any help, advice, or pointers to help me deal with this, figure out what is happening in my mouth area, and what to do about all of this? I am at a loss as to what else can be done. I visited my dentist after 2 weeks and he looked at the site and said all looked well. I am scheduled to go later this month and hope I figure out what is happening inside my mouth, why these “bones” are sprouting everywhere, and why I have so much pain. I would appreciate any advice you can give. Could I be rejecting the allograft? Could I have an infection? Please, HELP!!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 14 - March - 2014, at 20:49 PM

  • Normally after getting the bone graft, maximum it takes around 3 months for the socket to heal and normally there is no problem. There is nothing like rejecting the graft as they are synthetic bone chips but it is difficult t comment in your case without clinical examination and xrays. You can do warm saline rinses and massage that area with the otc available gum paints so that the extraction area becomes smooth and round. Visit your dentist and discuss your problem with him. for more info on problems after tooth extraction you can check the following link in our website....

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