my doctor advised me that braces should be applied on my teeth.First of all he applied braces on my first four teeth and a week later on other five the problem is that 2 of my braces have come doctor also advised me that my first will also be removed to make space.Is he right?What should i do?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 23 - October - 2012, at 02:34 AM

  • Yes, your doctor is right. Sometimes, it is necessary to change the wire completely. Don't worry as it will not cause much pain or discomfort. Removing your orthodontic braces is actually much easier and faster than putting them on. To remove your braces, your orthodontist will gently squeeze each individual bracket with a special plier in order to separate the bracket from the tooth. The bracket usually comes off in one piece.Generally, the process of removing braces is not painful and will frequently be done in just two to five minutes.

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