dear Dr,I am 30 yrs male.i have two unborn teeths at the back ,upper jaw and lower jaw.kindly suggest the solution for the same

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - July - 2017, at 22:53 PM

  • From your description it looks like that your two teeth one is upper jaw and one is lower jaw is not erupted. For this you have to go to the dentist, get the X-Ray done to find out whether the unerupted teeth are present or not. If they are present, the dentist fill find out the cause of not erupting of the teeth. Sometimes it is because of lack of space. In that case the space is created and then the tooth is pulled out so that it can erupt in its proper position.But if it is the wisdom teeth then they have to be surgically extracted. For more information on dentition you can visit the following link on our website...

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