ok my tooth is hurting really bad it completly broken theres just to pieces of it left and im in pain everyday what type of procedure would i need and about how much would it cost me.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 23 - July - 2012, at 00:19 AM

  • First of all get an Xray done for this tooth .If the pieces left in the tooth are large and restorable then u can get the RCT done followed by capping that will save ur tooth .But there are  less chances for this if the tooth is almost completely broken.If it is broken only from crown region and root is intact then also u can save the tooth by RCT followed by post and core restoration.And if the tooth is completely damaged then get it extracted followed by placement of dental implant or bridge or partial denture to restore the lost tooth.The cost of treatment varies from person to person depending on the condition .USA root canals go for anywhere from $800 - $1500. You also need to add the cost of a crown in most cases which is an additional $800 -$1200.How ever there are ways of reducing it like dental insurance or treatment from a dental school that provide u cheap and effective treatment.Also there are many dentists which offer discounts on various treatment plans.So u can look for all of them.....................for more info refer the link...........................http://www.identalhub.com/article_when-is-root-canal-treatment-required-294.aspx

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