My daughter went in for two root canals. They put temporary fillings in both. One is just the temporary filling and the other one is a temporary filling and silver colored cap. Her next appointment is in May. Is that too long to go to have a root canal finished? Is she allowed to chew on that side or will it break off the temporary filling? Everything I have read online said to have the root canal finished in a week. Who is right? And if it is supposed to be a week, how can I get the dentist to reschedule her sooner? Please help. She is not happy. Her temporary fillings are on each side of her mouth on her lower jaw and one is slightly too high for her to eat without her tooth bothering her. Thank you for any information.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - March - 2014, at 09:02 AM

  • Normally these days single sitting root canals are done followed by permanent filling and crowns are given a week depending on the condition of tooth. Normally dentist take impressions for crown after a day or two of root canal treatment and give temp crowns and permanent crowns are given when they come from lab which can take a week or ten day. So we cannot comment on your case as it is not clear whether the root canal is completed or not. You have to discuss this with your dentist. In our opinion temp filling cannot last for 2 months and there is possibility of tooth fracture after root canal treatment if crowns are not give. Otherwise also your filling is high, you have to get it adjusted. So call your dentist and check with them. for more info on root canal treatment you can check the following link in our website....

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