I have been to several dentists and they all told me that when i bite, my upper and lower teeth do not meet. There is a gap between my upper and lower teeth when i bite. None of them told me the name of that condition but from searching about it, i belive its called open bite? Honestly, the fact that my upper and lower teeth dont meet when i bite, meaning i cannot cut a piece of tape or thread using my teeth, does not bother me. So my orhtodontist suggested to just apply braces on the upper teeth only. However, he also said the braces will push the upper teeth forward hence that will increase the gap between my upper and lower teeth when i bite. Wont i develop a lisp that way? And if that gap becomes bigger, isnt that considered bad? My orthodontist did suggest surgery to fix my teeth but im aginst it since the gap doesnt bother me. My question is, if i apply braces on my upper teeth only, will the gap get bigger? Will i develop a lisp?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - April - 2012, at 11:57 AM

  • If you have open bite and it is not bothering you then why you want to go for the braces treatment. Yes, if you go for braces treatment just for the upper teeth and the teeth come out then you may develop the lisping as the gap will increase. There are other problems also like you can develop the habit of thongue thrusting and may be when the gap increases the thing which is not bothering you now will start bothering you. so it is better to discuss the things in detail before you go for treatment or take a second opinion.....

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