My son is six, has been to dentist since 3 but we moved and he started to see new dentist. She told us he needed 10 fillings. We were shocked. So we started the process. It ended early April. Well after his treatments are complete, he lodes one to abscess. She says that's normal. Well then June 21st, he wakes up sick and face swollen, ends up hospitalized and losing not just one but 2 teeth to abscess. Now, we are getting ready to have # 4 pulled due to abscess. Is this normal?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 22 - September - 2013, at 20:32 PM

  • No it is not normal to have dental abscesses after getting the dental treatment. But if filling comes out after treatment and follow ups are not done then there are chances of abscess and if abscesses are very then extractions have to be done. 

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