Part of my molar (3) has broken off where a large filling was located. The base of the tooth is intact. About 25-30% of the side of the molar is gone.My dentist says a new filling would not hold so I need to have it extracted. She would not remove it, as I take warfarin for Afib and wants me to see an oral surgeon. Since I have no corresponding lower molar, 3 will have nothing to press against. Can I get a filling that will hold, or is she correct and I need it extracted?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 09 - May - 2017, at 23:51 PM

  • you have not mentioned that whether that particular tooth is RCt treated or not. If it is not RCt treated and the major part of the tooth is gone than after filling you can have pain but if it is RCT treated then you can go for filling as you have mentioned that the antagonist tooth is missing and there will not be any pressure on the tooh. The definite diagnosis and the treatment planning can be given only after the clinical examination. You can discuss with your dentist and if it can be saved then you should save it. For more info on RCt treatment you can visit the following link....


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