sir, i'm 9 weeks pregnent. wisdom teeth is in raise now with unbearable pain. having paracetamol for relief. but it is effective for only 2-3 hrs only. pain is really like hell. what should i do?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 06 - June - 2012, at 23:19 PM

  • Let me tell you that dental pain is the common problem during pregnancy. Now if you are taking any over the counter pain medication than stop immediately as it can provide a relief to you but can be fatal to your unborn child. Though it is recommended to visit a dentist but if that is not feasible than you should try some safe and effective home remedies.

    You prime concern should be maitaining a good rather excellent oral hygiene...You should take ginger, lemon or honey tea as they have antibacterial properties and fights against tooth infections. You can also do mouth water rinses with the above three ingredients.

    Sage oil or tea is the best home remedy during dental pain. You can take tea leaves, boil it in water for 7-8 minutes and do gargles. 

    Brush twice daily with soft bristles tooth brush as dental problems are quite common during pregnancy.

    NOTE: Any extensive dental treatment during 1st and 3rd trimester of pregnancy is strongly not recommended but if you want any dental extraction due to unbearable pain than you should first consult your gynaecologist and a dental surgeon....

    For more info on dental treatment during pregnancy you can visit the link....

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