I got a root canal about 4 years ago. Recently it began hurting and only when I eat room temperature, chips, or hot stuff such as soup. It's half of a tooth and still works fine. I brush at least twice a day and food continuously gets stuck, that's when the pain happens. When I eat chicken, or hamburger meat, ribs, anything in that sort it causes pain to my root canal. What should I do, because I have no money for a dentist. I am homeless for the time being. I also recently got new fillings before I became homeless and they are still sensitive to the things I eat. Will that subside?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 02 - June - 2012, at 02:31 AM

  • First thing you should have done is to get a crown....The tooth after RCT becomes brittle and is susceptible to breakdown. Now having pain after 4 years of RCT needs to be immediately reported to the dentist...there are chances of re-infection or it may be due to trauma to the adjacent tooth. Exact diagnosis can be made only after taking an X-ray...For more info on complications after RCT visit the link...http://www.identalhub.com/article_what-if-root-canal-treatment-fails-303.aspx

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