A root canal had been performed on my front tooth. The dentists just drilled a smmall hole in the teeth and removed the affected pulm and later filled that hole with filling of white cement. He now suggests to perform capping which means making the original tooth smaller and adding a new teeth for covering (Probably the term is Crown). Is this actually required? Please advise

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - January - 2017, at 22:18 PM

  • After root canal treatment the tooth becomes nonvital that is it is dead. It can do all the functions but it does not have the neve supply and the blood supply . It looses its resiliency that is to bear all the masticatory forces. We say that it has become brittle and it can fracture if excess force is applied on this tooth.So to protect this tooth , crown is advised which can help this tooth to combat the excess forces. So you can say that it is mandatory to go for the crown after the root canal treatment if you want to prolonge the life of the tooth. For more info on crown after root canal treatment you can visit the following link on our website......


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