A cavity formed in my front tooth 4 years ago but I never got it fixed because it never gave me any trouble. Well, fast forward to this past Spring and it randomly started hurting so I began to look for a dentist and about a month later, I finally got the cavity filled. Well, after that, the tooth still hurt, even worse I might add so I went back to the dentist and she took another x-ray which showed no infection and was not in need of a root canal unless I wanted one. She referred me to an endodonist and after going to him, he said the same thing, that I did not need a root canal but could get one if I wanted. I did not have the money at the time so I tried every type of home remedy and modern medicine out there to help with the pain. After months and months of on again/off again pain, I still could not find any permanent relief so lask week, I could not take it anymore and went to the dentist for an emergency appointment to get the root canal, even though I still didn't have the money. However, when I got there, she did another x-ray and said there was nothing wrong with the tooth and recommended me to the same endodondist. I told her I could not wait any longer so she performed the root canal right there and said it will probably hurt for 24 hours. Well, it's been a week and the tooth is still sensitive and the gums are is still throbbing. It feels as nothing was done on the tooth. The dentist took another x-ray after the procedure but I'm assuming everything was fine since she didn't say anything was wrong. I'm sure you all can only imagine my frustration especially after paying so much money out and still not get any much desired relief. Is this normal? Should I wait a little while longer or should I go back to the dentist to get them to look at the tooth again? Please help! :(

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - October - 2013, at 10:10 AM

  • Sometimes after root canal treatment the tooth takes sometime to settle down especially if the tooth has a old history of carious tooth. In my opinion you can wait for couple of days for pain to subside, In that period donot irritate the tooth and donot bite anything from it. Take soft diet and maintain good oral hygiene. if the pain does not subside even after that then you can discuss this with your dentist. for more info on root canal treatment you can check this link http://www.identalhub.com/dental-pain-after-root-canal--914.aspx

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