I went in to the dentist and has all my teeth pulled and it has now been 11 days gums are still very swollen and tounge and lips are swollen to swollen to get teeth in the holes are still deep and huge in back and small in the front.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 22 - October - 2012, at 02:41 AM

  • Swelling occurs from trauma and inflammation.If there was infection and/or bone removal, there will be a lot of inflammation. If you had Alveoloplasty, which is a recontouring of the bony ridge in preparation for a denture, the swelling can last several days. If your immune system is compromised for any reason and/or you smoke, swelling and pain can linger for several days to a few weeks.Rinse several times a day with warm salt water for several weeks. This will speed the healing of the gum tissue and keep the sites clean.Rinse with Xylitol in water twice a day in addition to the salt water rinses and this too will speed up the healing of the gum tissue.Do not use peroxide to rinse with. It can burn the surgical tissue and cause excessive irritation. Also, stay away from any dental products (mouthwashes) that contain alcohol, like Listerine. These products will cause more inflammation and can actually burn the tissue. They also cause a decrease in salivary flow which will delay the healing.Take medications as prescribed by your dentist to releive swelling.Also,don't smoke or drink alcohol

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